Start your own online store without burning a hole in your pocket. We make it happen!

Our simple subscription based pricing model makes it possible for you to start your online store without investing big bucks. You can save that money for your other business needs.

You can pick from the monthly, half-yearly or annual billing cycle. All subscription packs come with the same set of features. Pick one of the subscription package which suits you the best, subscribe and that's it! You are all set to launch.

What's included?

Everything! Which means, all base features plus all free applications.

Any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. A valid subscription entitles you to use all of the base framework features and all free applications. You can also install and use premium applications by paying for the application that you will use. The cost of the premium applications vary by the application.

What about transaction fee?

The best part of Net My Store subscription is that there is NO Transaction Fee!

We don't make a cut in your profits. It's your sale, your earnings.

Setup Fee?

There is no setup fee. Everything is ready to use and you configure your store on your own, the way you want. If you need any help, we are there.

However, if you don't have time or for any reason you would like us to configure your store, one time, completely, in that case we do charge a nominal fee of USD 25.00.

Subscription Packs

ZOOM @ USD 11.99 per month

Price: USD 143.88 only Validity: 12 months

You enjoy Net My Store's subscription for 12 months

just by paying USD 143.88 every year.

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Star @ USD 15.49 per month

Price: USD 92.94 only Validity: 6 months

You enjoy Net My Store's subscription for 6 months

just by paying USD 92.94 every six months.

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Regular @ USD 18.99 per month

Price: USD 18.99 only Validity: 1 month

You enjoy Net My Store's subscription for 1 month

just by paying USD 18.99 every month.

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Subscription Payment in Indian Currency - Zoom @ INR 499.00 per month

You can also pay for your subscription in INR instead of USD if you are an Indian citizen and hold a bank account in India.

For this purpose, while registering select 'Offline' payment mode. As of now offline payment option is available only for the yearly subscription - Zoom @ INR 499.00 per month - which is priced at INR 5988.00 per year.

Price: INR 5988.00 only Validity: 12 months

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